Missions within the scope of Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting include:

Evangelical Friends Mission is the cooperative missions arm of Evangelical Friends Church International which has outreach ministries in Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Europe and North America. EFM is supported by individuals, churches and the offices of Alaska Yearly Meeting, Evangelical Friends Church Eastern Region, Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America, Evangelical Friends Church Southwest, Northwest Yearly Meeting and Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting. Evangelical Friends Mission is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Missions Agencies.

The EFM 2019 Fall Offering, “Pressing Towards the Goal,” is now available. This year’s offering features seven missionaries, fields, and ministries that are currently underfunded. The goal is to increase monthly or regular ongoing commitments of giving for these ministries by $122,750 a year. You can be part of this effort by making a commitment to support as many of these ministries as the Lord leads you to support through your prayers, financial gifts, and encouraging words.

EFM 2019 Christmas Catalog is now live at EFM 2019 Christmas Catalog!

Our Lord Jesus says to us, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

When we are connected to Jesus we become connected to other people as well. That’s the nature of bearing fruit. People whom we have met and sometimes people we will never meet this side of heaven are blessed by our fruit. This includes fruit in the form of gifts, like the gifts you see in this year’s Christmas Catalog from EFM.

As you look through the catalog, think about how your connection with Christ can be a blessing to someone else during this Christmas season. You have received so much from the vine! What fruit does he want you to produce through this opportunity to give?

Quaker Ridge Camp is a 600-acre site in the Rockies above Woodland Park, Colorado. Quaker Ridge Camp has facilities for youth camps, family reunions, men’s retreats, and more.

Where Grace Abounds is a ministry to individuals in conflict with sexuality issues.