Missions within the scope of Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting include:

Evangelical Friends Mission is the cooperative missions arm of Evangelical Friends Church International which has outreach ministries in Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Europe and North America. EFM is supported by individuals, churches and the offices of Alaska Yearly Meeting, Evangelical Friends Church Eastern Region, Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America, Evangelical Friends Church Southwest, Northwest Yearly Meeting and Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting. Evangelical Friends Mission is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Missions Agencies.

EFM Easter Offering
Evangelical Friends Mission’s 2021 Easter Offering is now available at EFM Easter Offering. This year’s lessons feature EFM’s Five-Year Goal to send 10 MISSIONARY HOUSEHOLDS to launch 5 NEW MISSION FIELDS in the next 5 YEARS.

You can learn more about our Five-Year Goal and Luke 10 Initiative at 5 Year Goal. The Luke 10 Initiative is the process by which EFM discerns where new fields will be started.

We encourage you to use the lessons in small groups, in Sunday school classes, or even as individuals. They tell the stories that can help motivate people to participate in the Easter Offering. Whatever is given through this offering will be used for EFM’s work around the world.

May this offering not only inspire you, but also give clarity about the role the Lord of the harvest wants you to have in this still-unfolding story of Evangelical Friends and the Great Commission. LET’S GO TOGETHER TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!

Quaker Ridge Camp is a 600-acre site in the Rockies above Woodland Park, Colorado. Quaker Ridge Camp has facilities for youth camps, family reunions, men’s retreats, and more.

Where Grace Abounds is a ministry to individuals in conflict with sexuality issues.