Missions within the scope of Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting include:

Evangelical Friends Mission is the cooperative missions arm of Evangelical Friends Church International which has outreach ministries in Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Europe and North America. EFM is supported by individuals, churches and the offices of Alaska Yearly Meeting, Evangelical Friends Church Eastern Region, Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America, Evangelical Friends Church Southwest, Northwest Yearly Meeting and Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting. Evangelical Friends Mission is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Missions Agencies.

EFM’s 2020 Children’s Missions Focus is now available at www.friendsmission.com/children. The theme this year is “Here am I. Send me!” and the lessons tell the story of the first missionary to be sent out by what is known today as Evangelical Friends. These lessons are also being released at the same time that the EFM Board is announcing a God-sized goal for the next five years: To send 10 new missionary households from North America to launch 5 new fields by 2025. So many missionaries first heard God calling them to this kind of ministry when they were children. Our prayer is that these lessons will be used by the Lord to send more workers into the harvest fields of the world whether it’s 5, 15, or 25 years from now.

Would you find a way to put these lessons to good use? Maybe it will be in your own home with your children or grandchildren. Maybe it will be in the Sunday school program of your church. Maybe a kid’s club, youth group, or a small group of adults. This material will not bear fruit unless it is used. Please find a way to use it. Someone’s life and eternal destiny could be impacted by those who take the time to work through these lessons.

The money collected through this offering will be used for EFM’s work around the world. Some churches may take an offering together, while other churches encourage their members to send contributions directly to EFM. However, you or your church chooses to handle it, we pray that you will consider giving to our 2020 Children’s Missions Focus. We need both your prayers and financial support as we ask God to lead us into the next five years of ministry!

Quaker Ridge Camp is a 600-acre site in the Rockies above Woodland Park, Colorado. Quaker Ridge Camp has facilities for youth camps, family reunions, men’s retreats, and more.

Where Grace Abounds is a ministry to individuals in conflict with sexuality issues.