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 Isaac Wright, a member of First Friends of Colorado Springs, is again awarded the Friends Women Scholarship.  He is returning to Barclay College to continue his studies toward a degree in education.  Although Isaac had some doubts about his ability to handle college level courses, his grades confirm that he did very well.  He says he has learned not to worry so much and to trust God to take care of it all.  

     His references all has glowing comments on Isaac’s care and encouragement for others, his work ethic, and how seriously he takes his studies.   One professor, Joshua Bunce wrote, “Isaac has demonstrated on multiple occasions the integral combination of humility and a willingness to work hard that gives me great confidence in his current and future success. Isaac is not just content taking the information he is learning, doing the necessary assignments and leaving.  Isaac wants to make sure he is learning the information in the way that it needs to be learned, furthermore in such a way that it can be integrated into his life for transformation. I frequently personally witness and often hear from others within the Barclay community comment on Isaac’s overall positive influence on our campus.”

     We are proud to be a participant in his young man’s education and spiritual growth.  Blessings on you, Isaac.

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2021 Reading List


Reasons for Hope By John Punshon  

Reasons for Hope is a mini-course in evangelical Friends theology, church history, and philosophy. It is also a call for renewal. Punshon cites the biblical bases of the Friends distinctives open worship, decision-making under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, foregoing outward practice of the ordinances, and the Friends testimonies of simplicity, integrity, and nonviolence and builds a case for the role these distinctives can play in the growth of the Friends Church in the twenty-first century’s postmodern culture.


A Sincere and Constant Love: An Introduction to the Work of Margaret Fell By T.H.S. Wallace, Editor

Margaret Fell was one of the early converts of George Fox-a woman who more clearly understood Fox’s dynamic experience and understanding of the original Christian gospel than anyone else. It was Margaret who quickly turned her estate into a key communication and support node for the growing Quaker movement. It was she who fostered a Quaker community on her estate at Swarthmore Hall. And it was she who, twenty years after her convincement and fifteen after her widowhood, became Fox’s helpmate in marriage and co-partner in ministry. To dismiss her would be to dismiss one of the key female founders of early Quakerism.


The Rich Heritage of Quakerism By Walter R. Williams

In this book, which was first published in 1962, Walter R. Williams presents a picture of the courage, faith, devotion, and sacrifice that have been displayed throughout the history of Quakerism. Biographical sketches of Quaker leaders challenge the reader to Christian integrity and selfless service. The principles of Quakerism and their influence on society are evident in this carefully researched history of the movement. 


On the Cutting Edge By E. Anna Nixon

As a young boy, Ezra DeVol was fascinated by watching his parents perform surgery in Luho, China. But unlike his brother and sister, he remained silent when their mother, just prior to her death, asked, “Who will go?” He later responded to the call of Christ to missionary service. Ezra and his wife, Frances, worked as a team in surgery and in the home as they served together in China, India, Nepal, and the United States. Their immediate family of two daughters and two sons encountered experiences that caused geographic and emotional separation. The pain and joy in the life of this family offer a challenge and a moving witness to the grace of God.


A Long Walk, A Gradual Ascent By Nancy J. Thomas 

A Long Walk, a Gradual Ascent tells the one-hundred-year story of the development of the Friends Church (INELA) among the Aymara peoples of the Bolivian Andes. It stretches from the beginnings of the INELA on the shores of Lake Titicaca around 1915 until the present time (2017), along with the story of the Oregon Friends Mission that accompanied the church for seventy-two years. Today the INELA spreads over fifteen districts

with some two hundred congregations. The church is still predominately Aymara.

The book considers the influence of history and culture on each phase of the church’s development, exploring the complexity of planting a “peace church” such as the Quakers in a setting of so much conflict. The book also explores the missiological significance of the changing relationship between church and mission, and wrestles with denominational emphases and how they impacted the expression of an indigenous Aymara church.

Going the Extra Mile By Norval Hadley

Raised on a prune farm in rural Oregon, in a family with deep religious roots, Dr. Norval Hadley thought he might be a pastor someday. But after the farm boy and his friends won a barbershop harmony contest, everything changed. That foursome is remembered as the world-famous Four Flats, and in 1956 the quartet signed on with World Vision. They appeared with Billy Graham, performed on the ABC radio network, and led two evangelistic tours of Asia. Dr. Hadley made his way around the world, working with World Vision, Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, Evangelical Friends Mission, New Call to Peacemaking, and the National Prayer Committee. In this collection of recollections, Dr. Hadley tells the story of how his decision to follow God no matter what took him into seventy-five countries.

Only By the Grace of God: Surviving WWII By Walter V. “Bud” Lawrence 

Only By the Grace of God tells the story of Walter V. “Bud” Lawrence’s experiences as a WWII waist gunner on My Everlovin’ Gal, a B-24 Liberator stationed in England. On 29 June 1944, both the Gal and the Cape Cod Special were hit by flak over Magdeburg, Germany. They collided, and exploded. Many from both crews died, but Bud and others survived only to endure the hardships of German POW camps and the long, Black March before being liberated at the end of the war. Bud grew up in the Bayshore, Texas area and attended Friends Academy in Friendswood, Texas. He attended Friends Bible College in Haviland, Kansas, where he met and married Letha Brooks. Bud, with his wife Letha, served for 30 years as Resident Manager of Camp Quaker Haven near Arkansas City, Kansas.

For The Glory By Duncan Hamilton 

Eric Liddell was the Olympic gold medalist from the Academy Award winning film Chariots of Fire. Famously, Liddell would not run on Sunday because of his strict observance of the Christian Sabbath, so he did not compete in his signature event, the 100 meters, at the 1924 Paris Olympics. He was the greatest sprinter in the world at the time, and his choice not to run was ridiculed by the British Olympic committee, his fellow athletes, and most of the world press. Yet Liddell triumphed in a new event, the 400 meters. Liddell ran–and lived–for the glory of his God. After winning gold, he dedicated himself to missionary work and travelled to China to work in a local school and as a missionary. Liddell put Florence, his pregnant wife, and children on a boat to Canada, his conscience compelling him to stay among the Chinese. He was eventually interned at a Japanese work camp. He counseled many of the other prisoners, he gave up his own meager portion of meals many days, and he organized games for the children there. Liddell died of a brain tumor just before the end of the war.


Ambassador of the King by Edna Chilson

Available from Barclay Press. Arthur Benton Chilson (1872-1939) was recognized for his consecration, vision, courage, and love of God. This biography (written by his wife) encompasses the story of two missionary enterprises. Chilson spent a large part of his life in Africa where he was a pioneer missionary–first in Kenya and about three decades later in Burundi.


More Energy For Your Day By Charles Mylander

Available from Barclay Press. Do you, like most people, wish for more hours in a day, more energy? You need something stronger and more lasting than physical or motivational energy. You need a totally different kind–and it’s available to you! Spiritual energy, divine energy, God’s energy–the Bible teaches it and committed Christians experience it. Spiritual energy goes beyond mere human strength and mental resources. It taps the power of God. It gives stability, insight, inspiration, rejuvenation, renewal, and vitality. You can find it through the daily readings in this book. At your desk, in the kitchen, by your bed, or at the breakfast table, pick up Energy for Your Day and restore your soul!

My Prince Will Come By Shari Rose Shepherd 

When a royal princess is rescued by a brave prince, every girl’s heart pitter-patters at the thought. But women of all ages can easily miss the glorious truth that Jesus is the Prince who has already chosen her and is waiting at her door. Such an occasion is motivation for you to be at your best—healthy in every way! Now, as encouraging as it is practical, My Prince Will Come equips every woman to start living today a life of incredible freedom from the past, joy in the present, and hope for the future! Sheri Rose Shepherd’s message has been empowering women to become their best self, while inspiring them to confidently embrace an eternal view of themselves, for more than ten years. This is the third book in the acclaimed His Princess series.

The God Who Plays By Brian Edgar 

Many people would be surprised to hear that a playful attitude towards God and the world lies at the heart of Christian faith. Traditionally Christians have focused on the serious responsibilities of service, sacrifice, and commitment. But the prophets say that the future kingdom is full of people laughing and playing, which has implications for Christians who are called to live out the future kingdom in the present. Play is not trivial or secondary to work and service–only a playful way of living does justice to the seriousness of life! Play is the essential and ultimate form of relationship with God, which is why Jesus told people to learn from children. Indeed, a playful attitude is an important part of all significant relationships. This book explores grace, faith, love, worship, redemption, and the kingdom from the perspective of a playful attitude. It describes how to create a “play ethic” to match the “work ethic” and discusses play as a virtue.


Selfies: Searching for the Image of God By Craig Detweiler

Selfies are ubiquitous. They can be silly or serious, casual or curated. Within moments, smart phone users can capture their image and post it across multiple social media platforms to a global audience. But do we truly understand the power of image in our image-saturated age? How can we seek God and care for each other in digital spaces? Craig Detweiler, a nationally known writer and speaker and an avid social media user, examines the selfie phenomenon, placing selfies within the long history of self- portraits in art, literature, and photography. He shows how self- portraits change our perspective of ourselves and each other in family dynamics, education, and discipleship. Challenging us to push past unhealthy obsessions with beauty, wealth, and fame, Detweiler helps us to develop a thoughtful, biblical perspective on selfies and social media and to put ourselves in proper relation to God and each other. He also explains the implications of social media for an emerging generation, making this book a useful conversation starter in homes, churches, and classrooms.


It’s a Dance: Moving with the Holy Spirit By Patrick Oden 

The author uses a fictitious church and fictitious people to write a nonfiction book about the Holy Spirit. Patrick Oden destroys the myth that solid Christian doctrine is only communicated in a didactic style as he shares the conversations of a newspaper journalist and pastor. The personalities of the people and the conversational style turn theology into an enlightening, fascinating read.

Empowered Parents: Putting Faith First By Lori Wildenberg and Becky Danielson

Practical, applicable, warm and honest, Empowered Parents: Putting Faith First is a Christian faith-based parenting guide for the real world of raising children, filled with both successes and challenges. Shape up with twelve godly characteristics and how to implement them within the family. It is the incredible, unexpected journey of parenting!


The Prayer Box By Lisa Wingate 

When Iola Anne Poole, an old-timer on Hatteras Island, passes away in her bed at ninety-one, the struggling young mother in her rental cottage, Tandi Jo Reese, finds herself charged with the task of cleaning out Iola’s rambling Victorian house. Running from a messy, dangerous past, Tandi never expects to find more than a temporary hiding place within Iola’s walls, but everything changes with the discovery of eighty-one carefully decorated prayer boxes, one for each year, spanning from Iola’s youth to her last days. Hidden in the boxes is the story of a lifetime, written on random bits of paper–the hopes and wishes, fears and thoughts of an unassuming but complex woman passing through the seasons of an extraordinary, unsung life filled with journeys of faith, observations on love, and one final lesson that could change everything.

The Tattered Quilt By Wanda Brunstetter 

More lives need some mending…. Amish widow-turned-newlywed Emma Yoder Miller begins another quilting class with a new group of unlikely students, all with tattered pieces of their lives that need mending. Selma is a belittling busybody. Terry is a rugged roofer who just wants a casual date with a pretty classmate. Blaine loses a bet and has to join the class, where he soon finds himself in friendly competition with Terry. Anna’s mother signs her up in a desperate attempt to keep Anna from leaving the Amish faith. Carmen holds tightly to bitterness while hiding her secret motives for taking the class. And Cheryl has a broken, mistrusting heart that needs just as much mending as the tattered quilt she brings. Members of this new patchwork group find friendship, faith, healing, and restoration while gathered around their quilts, under the Father’s guiding hands – for only He can take what’s ragged and shabby from the lives of His children and turn it into beauty for His glory.

War Room By Chris Fabry 

Juggling motherhood and her job as a real-estate agent, Elizabeth Jordan wishes her husband could help more around the house. But Tony’s rising career as a pharmaceutical salesman demands more and more of his time. With a nice home in the suburbs and a lovely young daughter, they appear to have it all―yet they can’t seem to spend time together without fighting. Hoping for a new listing, Elizabeth visits the home of Clara Williams, an elderly widow, and is both amused and uncomfortable when Clara starts asking pointed questions about her marriage and faith. But it’s Clara’s secret prayer room, with its walls covered in requests and answers, that has Elizabeth most intrigued. As tensions at home escalate, though, Elizabeth begins to realize that her family is worth fighting for, and she can’t win this battle on her own. Stepping out in blind faith, putting her prayers for her family and their future in God’s hands, might be her only chance at regaining the life she was meant for.


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