General Information

About Friends Women

Overview and Purpose:

Friends Women, is an organization within the Evangelical Friends Church—North America (EFC-NA) that seeks to unite women in Jesus Christ, while raising money and awareness for our mission families.

Women of EFC-NA Churches are encouraged to meet monthly for an enjoyable fellowship time and to pray corporately for our missionaries.

During our time together, we endeavor to grow in our knowledge of God through a contemplative devotional program and then serve Him by completing projects to benefit those on the mission field.

Friends Women (FW) are women who see the big picture of the kingdom of God on earth. We look forward to His second coming by remaining faithful in the work He has given.

The fields are ripe for the harvest, but the workers cannot go unless they are sent. Our job is to raise awareness of our sent missionaries’ needs and to supplement their support. Our work enables these earthly harvesters to remain in the field.

If you are looking for a way to connect with the other women in your church and region, FW is the group for you. Here you will find purpose, fulfillment, godly counsel, and friendship. You will learn what it means to be a Friends Woman who loves the Lord with all her heart, soul , mind, and strength. You will grow in love for your neighbor, both here and abroad, according to Christ’s command.

Executive Board

  • PRESIDENT – Judy Van Meter
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Debbie Clowe
  • SECRETARY – Sue Brawner
  • TREASURER – Janet Penna
  • MISSIONS AWARENESS – Christy Neifert
  • SCHOLARSHIP – Kay Burgi
  • NOMINATING – FW Executive Council
  • SUMMER GATHERING BANQUET – Dawn Brewer and Karen Cordova
  • QUAKER NUGGETS EDITOR – Laurie Mortimore
  • FACEBOOK PAGE EDITOR – Karen Cordova
  • RETREAT 2020 Neighborhood Friends – Rhonda Hinshaw
  • RETREAT 2021 Paonia Friends – Esther Kinser
  • RETREAT 2022 Country Side Friends – Jennifer Street

Membership Awareness

Membership in Rocky Mountain Friends Women is Important? Why? 

Rocky Mountain Friends Women come together in mutual support with common goals which include outreach ministries at home, in the local church, in the community, and around the world.  The desire of Rocky Mountain Friends Women is to effectively help you in your local group, not only in outreach, but in a deeper understanding of our missionaries and what we can do for them to support them in prayer and with financial support. Then, we hope to encourage one another in fellowship by providing an annual retreat, a celebration banquet and an executive board who desire to be of service.

We have raised thousands of dollars in support of missions, and have prayed thousands of prayers on their behalf.

It is important! We would like to help you develop a Friends Women group, or help your group to grow. Ideas to consider are listed below.

  • Decide on annual goals for your group, missions, service (church and community), and fellowship.
  • Encourage participation by those who may not be able to attend monthly meetings, dues, prayer support, reading course, and updates on various involvement opportunities.
  • Utilize a bulletin board for your Friends Women membership drive or create a video or PowerPoint presentation to show in your church or your FW group.
  • Don’t expect everyone in your church to know what Friends Women is about or even who they are and why they exist. Personally invite all women to be a part of your excitement for missions/church support.
  • Be flexible and open to new ideas, include suggestions for new members. Change is okay and needs to happen in order for Friends Women to stay relevant in the rapidly changing culture.
  • Use the EFC/NA FW provides a program booklet to help plan your program themes. The booklet is available electronically on out RMYM WEB site for all members to use each month. This year’s booklet is Seasons of Our Lives, written & compiled by Beth Schafers from EFC-MAYM.
  • Each member is asked to help with our Project Budget by paying $20.00 in dues every year. The dues are collected each January.

Make Missions Exciting!

Missions Awareness

Make Missions, Prayer, and Encouragement a Priority – The Dividends are Huge!

Friends Women exists to bring missions to the forefront, not only to women but to the church body as a whole.  A quote from C.W. Perry, “The church that gets outside of itself is the church that God blesses.”

Our first priority as RMFW is the PRAY fervently for our mission fields and missionaries around the world. Scripture says, “The fervent prayer of a righteous man (woman) avails much,” An effective tool for praying is the EFM Monthly Prayer Letter, it contains prayer requests, praises, and answers to prayer from each field. You can find the current Prayer Letter on Evangelical Friends Mission’s website at If you do not have internet access you can call the office at 303-421-8100 to subscribe to the prayer letter. Their mailing address is: PO Box 771139, Wichita, KS 67277.  You and your local group can keep current on how each missionary is doing with their support and you can also find the current Project List on the website as well.

Our second priority is to be encouragers.  Set a date in the calendar on your phone to alert you to send a note (email) of encouragement to one of the missionaries each month. Let them know of your love and support and that they do not need to respond unless they feel led to.  They are very much encouraged when they know that the support in the US is strong. It keeps them pushing forward. 

The ladies across RMYM truly have a heart for missions and it shows in their prayer support and giving. The support of RMFW keeps the missionaries on the field. 

2019 Adopted Missionaries

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