Winter Gathering of Friends

Winter Gathering of Friends

January 17-18, 2020

We will be gathering at the Neighborhood Friends Church in Arvada Colorado. (9889 W. 66th Av., Arvada, Colorado 80004)

Each local Meeting has representation in their local pastor and a second representative that is appointed by your local Meeting.

Your local Meeting will receive reports, items of upcoming business, the 2020 Proposed Budget, and a schedule of meetings, meals, and worship services. These will be sent to your pastor and second representative as soon as they are available.

These materials will be sent to your Meeting in time for you to meet, review, pray over, and discuss so your representative will be prepared to bring the position of your local Meeting for each business item and the Budget for 2020.

So, please participate as the Lord leads. Pray for your leaders and representatives, and plan now to attend the Winter Gathering of RMYM January 17-18, 2020 at Neighborhood Friends. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

5:00 – Corporate Prayer – Pastor Donnie Hinshaw
5:30 – Dinner at Neighborhood Friends
6:30 – General Session – Meeting for Worship (Neighborhood – music)

          Welcome by Mary Heathman – Presiding Clerk

Roll call of Representatives
Worship – Donnie & Neighborhood Music Team
Elder Board Report
Presiding Clerk – Report
Leadership Facilitator – Report
Fx Task Force Report
1st Reading of the 2020 Proposed Budget
Friends Disaster Service
Saturday, January 18, 2020
8:00 – Coffee and Donuts
8:30 – Devotional – Prayer time (Neighborhood – music)
Presiding Clerk convenes this meeting for worship.
Devotional time – Pastor Donnie Hinshaw
Clerk dismisses everyone to go to Task Force meetings.
9:00 – Task Force Meetings (Fx & Youth, Trustees, Quaker Ridge, Pastors, etc.)
11:00 – General Session – Updates from Task Force meetings, 2nd reading of the Proposed Budget, other reports as needed
Noon – Lunch at Neighborhood Friends
1:00 – General Session – Closing Minute
Presiding Clerk convenes the meeting.
A time for continued discussion, as needed
Closing Minute
2:00 – Friends Women
(Optional RMYM Board/Task Force meetings)