Summer Gathering of Friends

Summer Gathering 2021

Summer Gathering 2021- We’re Back! You have been asking – here is the information!

August 5-8, 2021 at Quaker Ridge Camp

As you know our Summer Gathering was canceled last August as a result of the COVID shutdowns throughout Colorado.


Event Schedule:

The Schedule will detail when things are happening. We intend to follow through with the Story Slam style in our General Sessions. There will be workshops of various interests, free-time activities available, and even some work projects if you are so inclined. The work projects can go toward your RMYM Association commitment of time if you choose.

2021 Summer Gathering Schedule


It really is good to get back to this time of family and fellowship. We doubled our attendance from the first annual Summer Gathering in 2018 to over 80 in 2019. COVID took us out for 2020 but now is the time to RE-gather this summer at Quaker Ridge Camp.

Please pray, prepare, and register early for Summer Gathering. We have a story to tell – Gather with us Summer Gathering!

Please contact Merle at or (720) 855-8727 with questions or other details.

Registration (online only) is now open in the link below. (Online payment options included). Scroll past the Registration Form sentence on the link below to access and complete the full registration form and to view the pricing which is the same as 2019 pricing.