Rocky Mountain YM Calling

Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting is a partnership of Evangelical Friends churches banded together to provide an environment in which souls may be saved, transformed, and renewed, reaffirming our mission statement: Building the Kingdom of God through Obedience to Christ. We accomplish our purpose through the ministries of local churches, missions, and Quaker Ridge Camp. Our calling and ministry are accomplished as the people of RMYM develop healthy local churches, seek unity in effort, and reproduce healthy churches as God leads and empowers us to do so.

The bottom line is souls—souls saved, transformed, and renewed. That is something to which it appears we all sense God’s call. The streams of God’s work among us are missions, Quaker Ridge Camp, and local churches. Implication: If we are to encourage God’s calling of souls saved, transformed, and renewed as a Yearly Meeting, then the content of our Yearly Meeting sessions and boards must focus on souls saved, transformed, and renewed—in missions (Evangelical Friends Mission and Where Grace Abounds), Quaker Ridge Camp, and our local churches.

Soul work is something we participate in, while God does the work. Consequently, a Yearly Meeting whose bottom line is souls will emphasize reports on the work of God saving, transforming, and renewing souls and thanksgiving, praise, worship, listening, affirming calls to ministry, and prayer.

The missions effort in EFM and WGA is noteworthy. God is at work.

  • We need to hear the stories of souls saved, transformed, and renewed.
  • We need also to learn from our missionaries how the local churches can direct their ministries so that the bottom line is souls (e. g., churches that are self-supporting, self-governing, self-propagating).

Quaker Ridge Camp is an incredible resource in beauty and as a venue in which soul ministry takes place. If the Yearly Meeting’s bottom line is souls, and if QRC is a primary stream of God’s work among us, then these implications seem apparent:

  • We will relate to QRC primarily as a ministry opportunity for the salvation and transformation of souls.
  • The Camp Board and the Yearly Meeting constituency will look each other in the eye, agree to complete the Ethel Clark Conference Center, and work shoulder to shoulder to make it happen.
  • We will maximize QRC as a venue for the soul ministry within RMYM.

The focus of our churches will be the salvation, transformation and renewal of souls rather than institutional survival.

  • There is no yearly meeting central office that can make the salvation, transformation, and renewal of souls a priority in our yearly meeting. Rather, souls will be a priority in our yearly meeting as each church commits itself to that priority.
  • RMYM must face that reality, and become intentional about propagating healthy churches–not for institutional survival, but for the sake of souls.

We will resolve differences for the sake of souls.