Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting is a partnership of Evangelical Friends churches banded together to provide an environment in which souls may be saved, transformed, and renewed, reaffirming our mission statement: Building the Kingdom of God through Obedience to Christ. We accomplish our purpose through the ministries of local churches, missions, and Quaker Ridge Camp. Our calling and ministry are accomplished as the people of RMYM develop healthy local churches, seek unity in effort, and reproduce healthy churches as God leads and empowers us to do so.

EFM News
EFM’s 2020 Children’s Missions Focus is now available at www.friendsmission.com/children. The theme this year is “Here am I. Send me!” and the lessons tell the story of the first missionary to be sent out by what is known today as Evangelical Friends. Click EFM’s 2020 Missions Focus link to read more.

Proposition 115

Proposition 115 in Colorado will be on the November ballot.

A vote on this proposition has to do with rescinding late term abortion in Colorado, (which has one of the most liberal laws on abortion in our country). A YES vote on this proposition would make it illegal to perform abortions after the 22nd week or the 5th month. This is not so much a political item as it is a moral issue. (This violates “that of Christ in Everyone,” and against our view of Scripture). RMYM Elder Board is urging our churches to back this and vote for this proposition.

  • Proposition 115 is discussed in detail on page 41-44 of the 2020 State Ballot Information Booklet put out by the Legislative Council of the Colorado General Assembly
Statewide Election Day is Tuesday November 3, 2020. Links for additional information are below.

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