Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting is a partnership of Evangelical Friends churches banded together to provide an environment in which souls may be saved, transformed, and renewed, reaffirming our mission statement: Building the Kingdom of God through Obedience to Christ. We accomplish our purpose through the ministries of local churches, missions, and Quaker Ridge Camp. Our calling and ministry are accomplished as the people of RMYM develop healthy local churches, seek unity in effort, and reproduce healthy churches as God leads and empowers us to do so.

Ministry Opportunities

Greenleaf Friends Church is looking for the Lead Pastor position. We will be accepting applications for this position until it is filled. Please click here for more information.

Star Community Church in Star, Idaho as recently begun searching for a lead pastor. Please click here for more information.

Rose Hill Friends Church, Rose Hill, KS is prayerfully looking for a full-time pastor. Please contact Thayne Thompson at the EFC-MAYM office (thayne@efcmaym.org) or RHFC Presiding Clerk Jeff Linville (j.d.linville@gmail.com) if interested. Do NOT check our website as it is under construction at this time.

Yearly Meeting Staff and Contacts

Office Hours: Monday-Tuesday, 9:00am-2:00pm. Thursday-Friday, 9:00am-2:00pm

Staff and Contacts


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